Thursday, January 14, 2010

Will our second album find completion?

Soooo... Rich and I plan to release a second CD this year. There is so much to do... Right now we're working on recording and mixing the songs. All the songs are written, however, whenever we work on the planned songs, we often get side-tracked by new songs. And soooo... while it's creatively necessary and fun, it lengthens the process. Today and tomorrow I'll record the vocals for "Truth and Fact" and either the ukulele and vocals for "Can You Feel It" or the guitar and vocals for "She's Gone." The problem with "She's Gone" is that it is massively depressing for me to play. I definitely need to be in the mood to deal with that. I am actually tearing up thinking about recording it. Seriously. When Rich and I were listening to a demo version of it and deciding when to work on it, he said "That is the most depressing song I've ever heard." But the thing is, it must be on this next CD. The CD will be called "Mourning Time." Many of the songs are about dealing with my mom's death. So yeah, an upper. Really though, it will be an awesome CD... the songs are coming together in such an amazing way. Okay... I should get to recording now...

In summary, the Kinks rock.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 to 2010: Top Things that Tickled Kara of TSAN

There is such a communal sense of wrapping a year up when a new year arrives. All of the "best of 2009" and "top 10 (or whateva') of 2009" drive me a little crazy. I mean, really, must we summarize EVERYTHING? And why does this typically only happen at the end of a year? Of course, really, I get it. It just mildly annoys me. Kinda like all the labels we all have to label ourselves with all the time... everything must have its place... everything must be categorized and organized and regulated and identified...

So I know for a fact that I certainly can't beat "em"... so I guess I'll join this collective summarizing to a small degree. Here's a list of a few things that happened this year with Team Smile and Nod that really tickled me. Yeah, that's right, tickled.

Things that Tickled Kara of TSAN in 2009 (all lists MUST have titles):
*We played 11 shows (including Columbus Pride Festival!). My goal was 10. Bonus.
*Some people said nice things to us about our music at the shows.
*Positive words were written about us... Curve Magazine, Feministing, Columbus Underground, Columbus Alive, etc...!
*Anneli Rufus (author), Nicole J. Georges (author), and Jon Peterson (Shakin' It Radio) gave us some super-kind quotes.
*Jeffrey Brown drew a comic about our CD!
*We did a sweet give-away for Pride with Queerics.
*We put together a bunch of YouTube videos.
*Our tunes were played on some cool radio programs (KAOS, Queer Sounds, Shakin' It...)

So that's my list of summary. Pretty awesome, eh? This year will also rock. A new CD is in the works. Awwwww yeaaaaahs...

In summary, damn, it's snowing hard.