Friday, May 21, 2010

May 29th, 2010 LIVE at The Shrunken Head with Kevin Milner!

*Folk morphs into electro anti-folk... right before your very ears.*

Kevin Milner is a folksinger from Dayton. You can literally see his heart pouring out of his mouth while he sings... if you squint a little... and spin around in circles. But seriously, it's beautiful. Listen to "Man on a Couch", I love it.

Team Smile and Nod is an electro anti-folk duo from Columbus. We haven't played out for a while. Plus, we've got new songs to try out. So we're pretty much ready to explode with enthusiasm. Woo! (That was only a small piece of what you'll hear on stage... ) Download our first album for FREE.

As an extra bonus, this is an awesome chance to check out the the transformation of Vic's to The Shrunken Head!

In summary, please come. It will be fun.

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Mind Map That!- NEW Music Blog By Kara...

Awwww... yeah! Mind Map That! is a blog created for Kara (me) to post the odd little songs that dance around in my head that don't really make sense with Team Smile and Nod. In posting them, I'm hoping others will be inspired to add some oddness... make them a creative collaboration! That's the quick summary. Here's the full-length explanation. Here's hoping you'll play with me!