Friday, May 15, 2009

social network junkie:

Why hello~

I just learned something really neat... There is this site called (that's the url)... If you join it AND are into Twitter, you can "blip" songs through Twitter. You can blip songs on other sites, too, but I'm not on those sites and don't know anything about them (can you believe it?). Anyways, the point is, it's a great, simple way to share what you are listening to. The sad thing is that, currently, you can not blip about Team Smile and Nod... but I hope to change this. Oh yes. Oh... I should explain what "bliping" is... basically, through, you search for a song or artist... then you click "blip" for the song you want to talk about... then you write a little something about the song (why you dig it, your emotional response to it, it's dance-ability, whateva')... then you click "send" to tweet it... THEN it shows up on twitter with what you wrote AND the url to hear it. SOOO... whoever reads your tweet can instantly hear the song and see what they think... it's a way to start a conversation about it or at least give props to the music you love. AND, of course, you set up a "DJ" page at to be able to do all this... and you can make friends and all that like every site. Here's my page: If you join, please friend me.

In summary, I have become a social network junkie. But I guess that was the goal. I guess. For a double summary, here's a funny pic of me with my friend Randy. I always wanted to shave my head down to the skin, so here's what I look like with no hair at all. Oh, this was years ago... like... umm... maybe 7? Yup...

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