Friday, June 19, 2009

WIN some Team Smile and Nod SWAG!

I decided to prove how easy and fun it is to enter the QUEERICS Gay GIVEAWAY! All you do is answer one of these questions:

*Which queer artist melts your heart, and why?
*What band or musician do you most wish was queer?
*If you were to create the ultimate queer 4-piece band, which musicians would you choose? Why?
*Which queer artist have you been listening to for the longest? How'd you discover them?*What's the most awesome thing you've ever heard a musician say about his or her sexuality?
*What would be on YOUR Pride month mixtape?

THEN, post your answer on your blog, myspace blog, facebook... where ever you can post content. FINALLY, send a link to your entry to QUEERICS@GMAIL.COM.

Please follow the link to QUEERICS to get prize details... but really, it's that easy. 11 people will win!

So here's my entry that will not be entered to win:

*Which queer artist have you been listening to for the longest? How'd you discover them?

Ani Difranco. I found out about her from one of my good friends in high school who happens to be Ani’s second cousin… So I was a mega-fan through high school. I even used a quote from her song “As Is” for my graduation speech! Rah ha ha!! Her music definitely aided my coming out process. And, of course, she is one of my hugest musical influences. And now, for a semi-off-subject story: Take a trip with me to the summer of 1999… I had tickets to see Ani… her “F-Word” tour with Maceo Parker… she had just released “Up Up Up Up Up Up”. I was set-up to go with a group of friends. Before the show, my friend (who is Ani’s second cousin) told me that her dad wanted to give me his backstage pass since I’m such a big fan. WHOO! And so, I gave my unused tickets to my parents (Cool, huh? They totally wanted to go!). Side note: Columbus (Ohio) had just passed a law that allows women to go topless. It was an outdoor concert, so my parents were hanging out with the topless Ani fans! So after the show, we went backstage. Ani was super-cool and chill. She even asked me, “What do you want to do?” I said, “Play music.” She said, “Play and play and play and sing and sing and sing and you’ll make it.” And so… I suppose that I also answered the question: Which queer artist melts your heart, and why?

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