Friday, October 2, 2009

RECAP: 2 Shows- GOBS of ROCK.

On Saturday, September 12th, we did a show at the Treehouse. It was Electric Grandmother's 100th show AND Hotel Eden's last resident show in Columbus. It was also a home OSU game... an evening game! It was decided that OSU football home games kill the music scene. Luckily, there were some non-football folks ready to rock. Pinebox started the show around 10PM. Very cool electro groove going on with neat visuals... We went on after them. We had a bit of a hang-up with a lack of steady electricity. So Rich's laptop was acting up. And sooo... we had to cut a couple songs from our set to be courteous to the other performers.

<------Proof Electric Grandmother then took the stage. They do sitcom-core: rocking songs mocking and celebrating sitcoms from the 80's and 90's. Pete writes/ sings the songs... Mary Alice puts together and operates the slide show to go with them. The combo is super-fun, silly, and high-energy. Happy 100th show!!

Hotel Eden finished the night with his last set in Columbus as a resident. He's heading to San Fran. I was jazzed to get to see him live. Great electro-pop music with a DJ twist. Super-cool.

On Friday, September 18th, we did a show at Victorian's Midnight Cafe (Vic's) with my friend Kevin Milner. Kevin traveled from Dayton to join us. Due to 315's awesomely confusing construction and detours, he made a rock-and-roll entrance just in time to hop on stage. Kevin started a bit after 9PM and did an hour+ set. He does heart-felt folk music. It was wonderful to hear him play again. He even did a Kimya Dawson cover. :) As an added bonus, we got to meet his fiance and brother. Very cool people.

That's Kevin Milner---->

Rich and I did an hour and half set. We played our usually set-list plus "Mourning Time" (a new song). I think it was well-received. It was great to play for some folks that hadn't heard us live before. Great, attentive audience. Good vibe. We'll be at Vic's again on November 21st. It's a great place to play... very cozy... great sound... full bar... good coffee... tables and bar stools... nice set-up for sure.

Thanks to Katie and Bob for taking pictures... you can check them out on our flickr page:

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