Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is something still cheesy if it’s done with full awareness of the cheese-factor?

Oldfield's on High is a bar with that regularly hosts live music in the OSU campus area. We were invited by Pinebox and Jester Jack Band to do a show with them on Halloween night. We went on first around 10:30pm and played a 45 minute set. The sound system was pretty darn good and the guy running it was quite nice. There was a super-nice woman named Brenda who was taking video of all the acts. I had the chance to talk with her later... definitely an awesome person. I'll post her footage when she gets a chance to upload it.
Backstage while Pinebox set up, I got a chance to talk with Greg from Jester Jack Band. Greg just joined their band a month ago as the bassist. A few years back, we was part of Willie Phoenix’s band. We bonded over the stickers on my guitar case. Yeah, cheesy as it is, I do put stickers all over my guitar case. Where the heck else should I put these cool stickers? I mean, I’ll only put a select few on my car. Is something still cheesy if it’s done with full awareness of the cheese-factor?
<-----Kyle from Pinebox.
Pinebox did a great set. They create an awesome, chill environment. We all swapped CDs. Adam digs our song, “They Grow It.” (Thanks, Adam!) Kyle took photos while we played, so I tried to take some good ones of them to return the favor. (Thanks, Kyle!) We’re looking forward to our show with Pinebox on Nov. 21st at Vic’s.

Adam ---> from Pinebox. Adam and I have matching shirts.
Rich and I stayed for a good chunk of Jester Jack Band’s set. They are a jam band. They did a really good cover of a Pink Floyd song (yeah, I know them well enough to know it was Pink Floyd, but not well enough to name the ultra-popular song that was covered). Jack’s voice is good and his guitar playing is excellent. The drummer was solid. Really, the bassist, Greg, was amazing especially as he’s only been with them for one month.
<-----Logan from Pinebox.
So that's that. I was jazzed b/c my phone said 1:30am when Rich and I left the

Unfortunately, time changed that night, so it was 2:30am. So it goes.

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