Thursday, February 18, 2010

6 Reasons Podcasts Rock the Party.

I am a new podcast fan. Yeah, I probably jumped on the podcast fan boat rather late... and yeah, I investigated them for self-fulfilling reasons (to get TSAN's music out there)... but dude, they are so flippin' cool. Here's a list of 6 reasons why they rock the party:

1. Complete Creative Control. They do what they want. Whatever they want. They say what they want... Play what they want... Release their shows when they want... You get my point, right? They have complete creative control to make their show exactly what they want.

2. No one owns them. They are not owned by Clear Channel. They are not owned by advertisers. They own themselves. They make their own decisions. If they decide to monetize, they do it with their own rules.

3. There are podcasts for EVERYONE. It blows my mind. Seriously. Look up anything with the word "podcast" following. I bet you you'll find something.

4. They play independent music! Many major labels won't let podcasters play their tunes. AWESOME! Fuck them! There is so much awesome indie music out there... We are happy to rock the podcasts!

5. Podcasts are by PASSIONATE people. Often podcasts are labors of love. Often the only dough they bring in is from donations. You've GOT to be passionate to do something without getting paid. Why else would you bother?

6. Podcasts and independent music are a natural fit... Often indie bands have a hard time getting radio play. How can we compete with major label money? Podcasters need music to enhance their shows. Podcasters and indie bands fill each others voids perfectly. Everyone benefits... especially listeners. The listeners get to pick a very specific niche and listen whenever and wherever they want... the podcaster only plays the tunes they dig... the musician gets exposure to a very specific group listeners... DUDE... it's a beautiful cycle.

Check out these podcasts... they rocked
Team Smile and Nod:

Dalecast! Episodes #693, #688, and #682
This podcast is an awesome mix of podsafe tunes from around the world... definitely worth checking out:

Radio Orphans Podcast- #241
This podcast airs weekly and plays independent music.
Go here to listen-

Geek of all Trades Podcast- #37
This podcast is a variety show... Brian (the host) discusses a wide range of topics including (but not limited to) politics, movies, gaming, personal stuff, current news... and he plays a tune here and there. It is most enjoyable and humorous in nature. Go here:

In summary, I miss Flight of the Conchords.

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