Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bug Bites, Photo Shoots, Practice- Damn It.

A summary of current happenings and thoughts:

*I have 3 bug bites on my forehead right now. And they itch.

*I need to sing more. Here's the cycle that has developed: Team Smile and Nod has a show about once a month. For a couple weeks after the show, I don't feel like singing that much. So I don't... that much. THEN, once we start practicing for the next show, I realize, wow- my voice needs some work. SO THEN, I must sing a LOT before the next show so my voice is strong again. This is the cycle. If I made myself practice more every week, I wouldn't need to cram near shows. Must. Work. On. This.

*Last Sunday night, we had a photo shoot with Kellie Manier. I believe there will be some super-cool photos. Why do I have such confidence? 2 reasons: 1)Kellie 2)A four foot inflatable red dino... with drum sticks. We will be taking some more photos tomorrow... HOPEFULLY, I'll post some soon.

*In summary of this summary, if you look down and see an extremely creepy bug in the carpet by your desk, don't forget about the cacao nibs that were snacked on in the dark a couple nights ago while playing a hidden picture game.

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