Wednesday, July 8, 2009

YOU haven't HEARD the new Josh Groban CD???

One holiday season (my favorite time of year, by the way… give our song "Scrooge" a listen), Katie and I were at my dad’s house hanging out (for lack of a better word). His sister was there, also hanging out. We decided to put on some music. My aunt asks us "Have you heard the new Josh Groban CD?" Katie and I look at each other, smiling. We politely say, "No, we have not." My aunt looks at us as if we are crazy, seriously crazy and out-of-the-know. Uber un-hip. So un-hip that I had to use the word uber. To help prove how un-hip I am.

In conclusion, maybe it was a great CD. I don’t know, I wouldn’t know. And really, I don’t expect her to know what kind of music we dig. But why would she think our musical tastes would line-up to hers? Further, I know that she had heard some of my band’s music. Would you really think the woman who writes the songs for Team Smile and Nod would be a big Josh Groban fan? I am not dissing my aunt’s choice in music. Also, I am not dissing Josh Groban here. Seriously, he has found his market. He does what he does very well. Let’s just say that Team Smile and Nod and Josh Groban have VERY different markets. Katie and I often reminisce about that moment. Wonderful.

In summary, my cat loves catnip… especially fresh catnip. Guess what plant did not come back this year? Poor cat. We must plant some more catnip.

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