Friday, April 10, 2009

Curve Magazine... and us in it... whoo!

Soooo... today I must toot our horn (wha?) and share that we are in Curve Magazine this month of April. Curve Magazine is "the nation’s best-selling lesbian magazine." They printed a nice blurb about our CD and a little pic of us. So very nice!! Here's what they say:

"It's hard to resist something billed as "lesbian-fronted electro anti-folk," isn't it? The interesting combination of politically charged vocals with danceable electronic beats offered up by the duo Kara Sherman and Rich Ratvasky works particularly well on clubby cuts like "Still Stuck," and humorous diatribes like "Consumer Whore."
Curve Magazine, April 2009

Sooo... thank you to Curve Magazine and Margaret Coble (music editor that made this happen AND a super nice person).

In summary, I can't wait for the tulips to bloom! I need some bright, happy flower action!

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