Thursday, April 2, 2009

SHOUT OUT! Nicole J. Georges!

Nicole J. Georges is an author of zines, an illustrator, has a great personal blog:, and another great blog that is a humorous advice column She has published two volumes of an anthology of her zine, Invincible Summer. She is currently working on a graphic novel. Here is her main website:

Okay, now that you know who she is/ what she does, I must say something: SHE ROCKS. Seriously. I'll say it again, SHE ROCKS. Katie (my partner) and I love Invincible Summer. It is honest, well-written, funny, totally cute (illustrations), fun to read, thought provoking, and fabulous. Point being... it rocks. She's got some super-cute stuff for sale here: OR you can buy her books (Invincible Summer) at Amazon.

Nicole J. Georges kindly listened to our CD... Here's what she said:
"Team Smile and Nod play catchy latin-spiced electronica-folk that is 50% Ani DiFranco, 50% Miami Sound Machine, and 150% Political."

It made me smile. After reading that, I went to YouTube and watched this: DUDE! Check out the keytair!!! Flippin' awesome. So hey, thank you to Nicole J. Georges. Check her out. You will thank me.

In summary, the rhythm is gonna get you.

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