Friday, April 24, 2009

Team Smile and Nod on YouTube...

Sooo... we did it! We joined YouTube AND posted some videos! There are a couple videos from COMFEST last year... which happened to be our 3rd show eva'. So yeah, our shows are different now... more fun electronics to work with... i.e. Rich got a MacBook, so that opened a lot of options for us... we use the MacBook connected to a midi keyboard/controller and Korg Kaoss Pad... which gives us lots of options for manipulating the electronics. At COMFEST, we did the show with 2 mics, 2 guitars, 1 guitar pedal, and 1 JamMan (which is this super-awesome looper/sampler pedal where we can store the electronic components to a songs for playback... it's simple, but effective when toting our entire set-up would be silly).

Here's a link to our channel where you can see a few more videos:
I did a couple solo cover songs... I plan to do more. It feels weird videotaping myself alone in a room, but, oh well. I'll try to get some footage of me and Rich rehearsing, too. Please leave a comment, if it's nice ;)

In summary, the tulips are blooming and that is great. Next year, Katie and I plan to plant a bunch of tulips in the backyard in rainbow colors. It will be awesome... Like, a clump of each color in rainbow order... eh?!?! Thoughts like this make us feel soooo very gay. Whoo!

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