Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Compilation of Thoughts...

So yeah, I try to have a focus, but today focus is a no-go. Here's what I have been thinking about: the movie MILK, the website, our new song "If You Stop", what our band goals should be, our band's biography, my girl- Katie- and her awesomeness, our cat and her cuteness, hyphens and ellipsis and my over-use of them, reviews, press, shows, headaches, coffee, water, hunger, lack of motivation, lack of time, social media and it's usefulness (uselessness?), should I join Facebook, the POWERPUFF GIRLS MOVIE!, the movie ADAM AND STEVE (gawd, I love it), how we need new band pics, depression, family, G-PA and his leg surgery, my dad and his back surgery, siblings, gardening, tulips, crocus, roma tomatoes, small paychecks, expensive groceries and bills, happiness (what is it... exactly?)... So yeah, maybe tomorrow I'll be able to focus on one topic... perhaps elaborate a bit. Maybe not. Maybe not until next week. Procrastination: I am the master.

In summary, Joni Mitchell's album BLUE is amazing. Love it. Love it. Love it. My parents had the record... I grew up listening to it in my bedroom... singing along. Just got it from the library the other day... still amazing. Still love it.

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