Friday, March 20, 2009

Anneli Rufus- author of amazing books...

Anneli Rufus is one of my very favorite authors. Her books are incredibly thought provoking, captivating, and beautifully written. They give validation to natural feelings. For instance, The Farewell Chronicles [How We Really Respond to Death], discusses the natural feelings we go through when dealing with death... beyond sorrow. It challenges the way we have been programmed to think we must mourn. It gives the reader a new outlook to death and grieving. Her novel, Party of One: The Loners' Manifesto, analyzes the public view of the loner personality. Anyone who considers themselves a loner should read this book. Anyone who does not consider themselves a loner should read this book. It dissects the way loners are treated and misrepresented in society. And so much more. Anneli Rufus has a new book that I am excited to read... it's called Stuck: Why We Can't (or Won't) Move On. Check out her website to learn about it and her many other books:

Anneli Rufus listened to our CD... here's what she had to say:

Over irresistibly bouncy beats, a sexy/smoky voice sagely ponders the big questions - reminding us, sometimes subtly and sometimes quite specifically, that someday you and I and everyone will breathe our last. If dreams had soundtracks -- that is, the compelling kind of dream that keeps you thinking long after you arise -- Team Smile and Nod should be in the running to provide them.

It actually made me teary-eyed to read. She is one of those brilliant people that I just respect so much... I have learned so much about myself by reading her books... So insightful. And, of course, the topics of her books are things I love to think about and analyze. So, yeah, please check her out... buy her books... at least read them... our public library (Columbus, OH) has them... we actually read them from the library first, but my partner and I love them so much that we had to buy them to re-read and reference.

In summary, read her books (see... I'm so passionate about her books that I couldn't think of a silly summary!)

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