Saturday, March 14, 2009

Songwriting Simplicity...

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Sooo... I have been contemplating songwriting style lately. I've become obsessed with it (mentally). Thinking about the difference between songwriting and poetry and just words hanging out on a page... Reading gobs of articles about songwriting... Listening to music in a different way... Thinking about the POINT of songwriting... What is it? Really? Is it capturing my personal experiences and sharing them? Or should I take the approach of taking my experiences, finding the feelings they evoke, capturing the feelings with words... making it something more people can relate to...? I mean, it's got be about the listener. Right? Or is it just about the listeners who happen to relate to my personal experiences? Does it water-down the passion when it's more universal? Can there be a hybrid? I think that is the goal... A song that embodies the passion and emotion of the personal and conveys it in a way that more people can relate... I dunno. See... contemplation.

And have all the great songs already been written? I've felt like that... often. I mean, damn, there are so many geniuses out there... so many beautiful, poetic, universal songs... so many raw, wonderful, personal songs... What is the point? Of course, I could go there with anything. But really, what is the point? I've often told myself that the point is to give people a voice. Give listeners something they feel connected to... give people strength... knowing their not alone. That's why I'm so out with so many issues... I mean, shit, I never hear songs about vegetarianism... and there are sooooo few songs that are obviously about lesbian relationships or that deal with homophobia directly. And yes, I know those are not going to be accepted by the masses... but they are not for the masses. And yes, the feel GREAT to play on a personal level... but I also want vegetarians and liberals and lesbians and the LGBT community to feel represented. There are sooooo many heterocentric songs about wives and husbands and traditional values. And there is nothing wrong with that... But, we need the voice! The point is not to exclude. At all. I feel balanced in that my music partner (Rich) is a hetero man with an awesome, supportive wife and a super-cool kid. And he is into collaborating on, composing, recording and working on these songs. And, of course, playing them live. And I know that in many ways he is an awesome exception. But his friends are also open and into our tunes and come out to our shows... and you know, that gives me hope. There are so many awesome straight allies out there. There are soooo many open-minded, interesting people. Yeah, hope...

Wow... a rant. I guess what it comes down to is balance. Probably a hybrid is in order... songs with feeling and heart and more inclusive? Yet not betraying my social-political values and drive... ooo... it must be possible. I'm trying... oh yeah.

*In summary, 1/2 a pot of coffee does not always elevate the mood.

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