Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Aid Kit... the band

So, yesterday I was more ambitious than accomplished... I did get my part of our new song recorded, but it got complicated. I added geetar first, then vocals, then I doubled the vocals, then uke, then I made a vocal mouth sound track, then I added clapping... After editing it into usable tracks, I didn't have time for the other song. Anyways, I'm excited to work with Rich tomorrow on the song... it's called "If You Stop". And it's ridiculously catchy. And dance-invoking.

I did manage to start learning a song by the band, First Aid Kit. They are a duo of Swedish sisters, and they are awesome. I'm learning their song called "You're Not Coming Home Tonight". It is fabulous. The song, that is. I believe it will be my first YouTube cover song video ... which makes me nervous. I tried a couple takes on Rich's video camera, but I think I need to learn the song a bit better. I also recorded a cover of Dar Williams' song, "Are You Out There?" Perhaps next week I'll post some vids. I'll have to learn how. I'm entering uncharted territory... for me, that is.

*In summary, our cat was lying in our bathroom sink and got toothpaste on her. Eww.

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