Thursday, March 12, 2009

Indie-Music Review

Hello! I am jazzed to say that has posted a very kind review of Look Both Ways Before You Die. Here's a link:
My fav line? "The retro dance vibe of this record is upbeat and feel-good, which provides a tongue-in-cheek backdrop for vocalist, Sherman, to sweetly croon her often-scathing thoughts." THANK YOU, Beeb Ashcroft! You got it! See... this is one of the things that humors me most... to have upbeat (happy) music with raw/sad lyrics (i.e. "Kill Myself to Death". It cracks me up. So, yeah, it feels good to be understood... by someone I do not know.

Anyways, so today was full of phone calls made... messages left... emails sent...emails received... I feel sooooo damn ROCK AND ROLL.

*In summary, I love dal (Indian-style lentil) soup.

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