Thursday, March 19, 2009

QUEERICS- a super-fun website

Sooo... there is a super-cool website called Queerics. It is a collection of songs that have queer (LGBT) lyrics. Each week, it is updated with new songs. There is also a "Gay Guide" on the site which is informative AND humorous. Check it out here: You will notice 3 Team Smile and Nod songs were posted on 3/14/09!! WHOO! Also, we're mentioned in the "Gay guide". Further, the awesome Queerics web-author says some super-kind stuff about us on the Queerics blog: <> So, here's a big thank you to Queerics! And a toast! Cheers! Oh, I also want to mention that the site is really fun 'cuz you can submit songs that you think should be posted. Now, you must have proof that they are indeed full of super-queer lyrics. Not a guess. Proof, baby, proof. So yeah, check out the site... it's really fun... and there are some great artists on there that I hadn't heard of... sooo... whoo!

In summary, some tea is good hot, some tea is good cold, and some tea just isn't good at all.

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